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4 people breaking rules


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Your in-game name: YouKnowWhoItIs


Users IGN: BullyHunter_69,Jnktrooper,Efire1098,PapaFnJohn


Users SteamID: Bully STEAM_1:0:37027397  Jnk STEAM_0:!:40035755,   Efire STEAM_0:0:73857498,  Papa  STEAM_0:1:59367001


Explain what happened: The first clip shows BullyHunter_69 Ardming me then I kill him then he comes back and kill me for no reason at all. In the Second clip is Efire1098 Ardmed me,Third clip Efire1098 and PapaFnJohn both come back during raid breaking NLR and Papa killing me,Fourth clip Jnktrooper shoots at me from second story of his base and kills me , Fifth clip assisted another raid on these players with Jello loli killed PapaFnJohn and Efire1098 during process then I killed Jnktropper,PapaFnJohn then left during the raid which got rid of his weed setup then Jnktrooper returned and killed Jello loli then Efire returns killing me.You can also see in the fifth video that jnk's base was blackout and had 4 fading doors.

BullyHunter_69 Ardm x1, Rdm x1

Jnktrooper Rdm x1, Broke NLR x1

Efire1098 Ardm x1, Broke NLR x2

PapaFnJohn Broke NLR x1 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)







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