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thorobred abuse man


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Your in-game name:



Staff members name:thorobred


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:thorobred


Explain what happened: He's asking me to give him proof for my innocence when someone made a report on me. The person that makes a report has to give proof beyond doubt but all he gave was screenshot that didn't tell prove me breaking rules, but he assumed it was me. His screenshots don't tell or prove how the kills were SUPPOSEDLY rdm/rda/RDc. What thorobred does instead of asking for more clear evidence of me being guilty, he teleports me and asks me to give proof that i did not RDM/RDA/RDC him. I thought the person making the claim has to give proof, not who is being accused. I asked him if I made a report on anyone with a console log for RDM, does the other guy have to give proof for his innocence and he said yes.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)

This is the report thread by the way. See how absolutely none of the screenshots show RDM or any of his baseless claims, yet thoro asks ME for proof when it should be Hagel.



video of sit has no audio but do u really need it ? the evidence he used to ban me was insufficient as u can see in the user report falsely made on me.

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4 minutes ago, Majistic said:

This ban was valid and there is no abuse here at all. The evidence you showed was pretty bad ngl. For all I could know you could be literally muting the audio and making up what he said. 


But he didn't have enough proof to ban me. Answer me, does console fully prove RDM just by seeing "X killed Y". How did thorobred know the kill was RDM without proof beyond console ?

Please don't focus on one aspect on my report where you can get a -support and disregard the other aspects, which is that he had insufficient evidence he used to ban me from that user report alone.

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2 hours ago, halo4killers said:


he has logs he just wanted to see if you had proof to show you had a valid reason to kill him


5 hours ago, IsThrill said:

Bruh, he uses logs and does his job Thoroughly ;) 




8 hours ago, Trofi said:

-support he can check logs too.

No bruh he didn't check logs, they cleared long ago. All his insufficient proof came from that report itself that if you take a look at, you will see, there is no way to identify the kill was rdm or that rda. 

@thorobred just tell to them from where you got the proof of me apparently rda/rdm/rdc. 

9 hours ago, Yo soy Jack said:


we don’t use console to justify bans

yes exactly but that's what thorobread did if you look in the user report I linked 


The 'proof' from bagel is just console logs. Thoro had no other way to get logs as they cleared and he said in sit that the proof is in the report as he pastes that link in chat when I ask him.  Aside from that am sure @thorobred can tell us where he got undeniable proof of my rda/rdm now.

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