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Official report against a known Toxic Minge and Instigator.


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Your in-game name:
Jambro Lord of da rulez


Users IGN:
He used various names during the whole ordeal.. from "a bird"  to "Я хотел бы пива" to "KOS AUTISTS" to "Zoroark170" 


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/😞

His steam name: Faze Purplesmoke


Explain what happened: 

The Beginning:
I began my gaming session on the server at about 6:30PM MST (tonight being November 10th, 2019). I had acquired the casino manager job after being a meth producer for a short while. I set up my machines in the main lobby and teamed up with Beats Women (whom was the other casino manager). I began to build a grand design for a very well defended VIP section and back area. In fact we had geared to create a fighting ring and begin our business! but that's when he logged on. 

Utilizing his first alias a bird. He was mostly just chatting in OOC from what I could see. By this point I had finished my creation and settled on color schemes. it was a simple L shaped hallway base with three doors to pick/keypads to crack. The entrance was clearly labeled as VIP ROOM ----- KOS -----, it was one of my best designs yet, all I still had to do was weld everything together and adv dupe it. Well.. I wish I could say it was that easy. I spotted "a bird" Investigating my casino, he played a few of the machines. Made a circle of the lobby, and looked at my VIP section entrance for a short while... but then the unthinkable. "a bird" began typing and i saw the notification in chat... he made a demotion request on ME, his reason? PROPBLOCKING.

Not only was there no prop blocking of the sort. I should know, I just spent the better part of two hours meticulously creating the thing to precise measurements. But he did not even attempt to communicate the issue with me, nor did he make a sit for prop blocking. Speaking of which There was staff online during this time, he had no reason to make such a request. But due to "a bird's time on this server, he is allowed to use the demote command. Of course, the request made it through despite my protests in OOC about wrongful demotion attempt. I was demoted back to citizen and "a bird" promptly took my casino manager job and proceeded to make ludicrous demands that I tear down my base, even going as far as to get police to use battering rams. 

The Battle:

In response to this insane behavior. I made a sit for a false demotion, and he tried to pull a proof card (to which there obviously wasn't any, as I have two witnesses who can vouch for the design. In the end, he was jailed for a pitiful five minutes. The kicker? I never even got my job back, not only did he successfully abuse his powers, but he remained the job he stole from me!

Immediately after the sit, "a bird" begins to badger me, and taunt me (gods I wish I recorded this part). Using the "N" expletive many a time. "a bird" had the gull to demand I tear down my beautiful creation (remember, I haven't had a chance to save it yet). I smiled and changed my job to personal guard under Beats women's employ. This was to ensure that my base remains intact and there was nothing he could do about it.. or so I thought.

The admin had left at this point, having been tired from all of the sits "a bird" had been making with people. Now with no one online? what does he do? He demotes me out of sheer spite. He continued to do so at any chance I get. Even putting a cage on the VIP section entrance and trying to solicit the aid of the police to remove it once again. With a little help from another veteran player, we managed to demote "a bird" once. I had once again reclaimed my job, only for him to immediately demote me once again within minutes. Again for false reasons, I was powerless to stop him so I gave up trying to take my job back. In fact, I was done with this whole mess, so I deleted my base.... right before I realized I hadn't saved it (rip me).

At this point, Beats woman was mad, skrrt was mad, I was mad, heck even other people were getting real tired of this guys crap. He even changed his name to "Я хотел бы пива" and proceeded to every so often remind me I am an "n-word" and "don't prop block" Honestly he really got my goat going. So we hatched a plan, as Beats woman is the other casino manager, he was basing in the building first. Meaning he had full rights to it in all it's glory. Including the ability to deny the other casino manager from operating within the building. But "Я хотел бы пива" would persist, insisting he had done nothing wrong and even began running around inside the casino with his Damascus sword out. Often he would attack or kill one of us. While we would kill him in return for breaking our signs rules (no weapons out, other casino manager kos).

The End:
It was at this point that Jack (admin) had logged back on to be barraged by sit requests from "Я хотел бы пива". Whom tried to play the victim despite all of this. Having claimed he had proof of me originally prop blocking prior to the first demotion (which is a lie, I have eye witnesses). "Я хотел бы пива" would spam the chat and not once use the microphone that he so much loved to use prior, funny how that happens with this guy. He demanded that myself and skrrt have broken server rules and be banned. Not unlike every other sit he has made against people (coincidence?) claiming we false demoted him, mass rdm'd and rda'd and deserved to be punished. I of course reminded jack that he had originally stolen my job in the first place, and sparked the killings with his continued attempts to murder me with a Damascus sword and breaking the rules of our casino ( I have eye witnesses). I accused "Я хотел бы пива" as being nothing more than a toxic minge who gets a rise out of messing with people to the point they break. Not only was he baiting retribution but he was only supplying the information that keeps him innocent. Poor Jack, faced with a decision and claims of proof, so late at night no less. I was already fed up with this behavior myself, How can this guy possibly get away with such behavior? apparently this is a recurring thing with "Я хотел бы пива" and I am not the first person he has harassed. Despite "Я хотел бы пива" constantly demanding justice for my apparent 7x rdm.. need I remind you how he left out the bits where he murdered me several times in "self defense" or via a macro'd warn1/2/3 in instant succession. Funny, why would he need that I wonder? Oh it couldn't possibly be for the intent of annoying people, no sir.

I admit my faults, I have sever autism and social anxiety issues. I have worked hard to better myself at every corner, a worse me would have devolved into a screaming mess and likely permabanned for losing my shit. But I managed to be the better man, I conceded to "Я хотел бы пива"'s attempts to insult and trigger me. But I chose to just let bygones be bygones and go about my evening. Unfortunately he wasn't content with this outcome. Our man of many names had returned in force it seems. First He would change his name once again to "KOS AUTISTS", likely a jab at myself for admitting my autism during the sit with Jack. It was back to business it seemed, he had tried a few more times, mostly just taunting and n-word throwing. It got quiet... too quiet.. I turns out another admin was on! woona! And what do you know! He changed his name again! "Zororark170" a funny name for the guy, considering his previous names.. perhaps a name that might come off as innocent.. or a childs? Yes, it seems he may be knowing more than he lets on. And guess who got in a sit with woona first? You guessed it, I got pulled in and Woona had absolutely no context as to what was going on. Our friend of many names had once again let loose a tirade of how he is being harassed, we false demoted him, we mass rdm/rda'd him, we are liars, we were prop blocking, we were failrp'ing.. the list goes on. To top it off? "they did nothing wrong!!!". Oh yes, they used that line, and infact, they were "disappointed" that I was acting out and letting my life problems into the game. I reminded woona that this matter was attended to by jack, whom had unfortunately no idea how to deal with this dilemma. Woona was not impressed, telling us both that we should take this to the forums. I agreed, in fact I mentioned I have a good bit of proof and eye witnesses. "zoroark170" didn't like this, in fact he got very upset that I was not being punished for rdming him "sooo many times" (riiight) right then and there, It was wrong that he should have to go to the forums. "you know I can't take this to the forums" and what not, every desperate attempt to distract woona from the real problem. In any case, woona reminded us to take this to the forums and bid us a good night. Our friend of many names quickly left after that

I for one am flabbergasted as to how this got to this point. This guy not only started all of this because he wanted the casino manager job. Ironic, because I would have gladly gave it to him if he asked. Instead he went out of his way, broke server rules, abused a feature that he is supposed to be trusted with due to how much time he has on the server, all of this.. for nothing! I am one of the nicest people on this server, I try to be everyone's friend. The way he acted and treated me and others today is unforgivable. I couldn't believe my eyes at how he tried to weasel his way though a sit time and gain, funny how his mic miraculously stops working when admins are around. I faltered today, I let him get to me and I wish I ignored him from the start. But it was intolerable how he demoted me with an admin on, and proceeded to be a right cunt the entire night. Our friend of many names is nothing more than a toxic minge that gets his rocks off causing misery wherever he goes. He's played this game before and he will play it again, he knows just who's buttons to push and impeccable timing. I can't believe someone like this even exists, myself and several others will vouch that this guy has been nothing but a cancerous tumor on this server. and Tumors need to be lanced.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

Out of everyone I could name. I would say Beats Women had been there since the beginning of it. He helped me build my beautiful base. I appreciated his input and patience with me during my design and meticulous process. He saw the whole thing go down, he would be the first to agree with what has been said here.

The same goes for Skrrrt, he noticed the demotion request and immediately got involved, unsure why people are demoting when admins are on. He stood up for me when this guy was harassing me.

as for "physical evidence" that you guys crave. I got a few pieces, unfortunately I am shit at this and was unable to record my audio. and my discord conversations were leaking through at some points. But I did find a good bit of what I have spoken about here..



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