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Your in-game name:

Me: Zilver

Friend: uncle Stix 

Staff members name:


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:


Explain what happened:

 The staff member brought me and my friend to a sit and told me how I can't do something that isn't in the rules. He said my friend's warns weren't applicable to me as well even though the guy was harassing me and my friend. So I believe I killed the guy but he would of jailed me had I not been given a verbal warning by the player. It's not in the rules that a party members warns don't work with me as well if the guy is harassing us both. So then he proceeds to argue with my friend for 20 minutes wasting everyone's time because when he warned the guy he backed up a little bit then ran back at us so we shot him. Staff member says that we can't shoot him even though we already warned him 4 times by that point and says we shot him when we were already away. Thing about it is, the staff member was already in a call with the player when it happened meaning they are friends. He then shows us the video which he tries to avoid doing by coming up with a bunch of excuses but finally uploads it. The player has a custom class with whatever the super sped swep is and the video has no audio either. He says we started shooting when he was at the back of the tunnel but you can't hear when we started because of no audio and it's hard to hit the guy when he's faster than a lambo. All in all I'm saying he was biased because other player is on his friends list screensharing to which staff member admitted he was screensharing with him. So he jails my friend for RDM even though the guy came close to us again after the warns and then he gets shot dead and admin lectures me and jails my friend for a perfectly fine warn.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)

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- Your party members warns are not applicable to you. You were not defending your party member from anything nor did he do any damage to your party member or you.

- The warns should also be considered invalid because not only did he walk away when he ran back through the tunnel he did nothing to bother either of you, yet you still warned him.

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Just because your party member warned him doesnt mean you can kill the guy he warned. if he does damage to your party member then you can kill him

In the video he is just running by you in the tunnel so the warns you did are actually considered RDM + FRP

Overall, Get some evidence that actually supports your side. You're report is just a rant on some bullshit that happened in game 

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- Support

The video shows at no point was ItsPrivate was following Zilver and his friend. ItsPrivate was also not talking to you guys he was talking to the admin clocked. Also after the fact ItsPrivate's Base could have been in that direction and therefore was trying to leave the scene when he was shot. Therefore the jail should stick..

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Okay so private called a sit on you guys for rdmming and ardmming. He was told him carrying around your e2 was not allowed and you were told that you cant have a public e2. Then i returned you. Then i brought your friend and the sit carried out for 20 mins. I wouldnt say his time was wasted because i was also there. But i called @Braeden on discord and talked to him about this situation and he informed me that party warns arent a thing and are singular to person to person. I told your friend and he argued with me by saying its not a written rule and not a thing. Then his friend started saying "I know you're going to be sad when you're demoted"

Proof below (I am sorry about the water mark i wasnt trying to buy an editing software for this one report) 



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