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Obtuse ban appeal


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IGN (In-Game name): Obtuse

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68244607

Banned by: BladeOGrass84

Ban date, time & length: 8/11/2017 - 2 Days 

Admins ban reason (Why he/she claimed they banned you): Mass Rdm| No intention to RP

Explain why you were banned and why it was false: I was banned for "rdm" and "no intention to RP" Neither of those are true, you see, I was making a gun/drug shop, and while i was building there was a bunch of dudes harassing me and my friend to buy guns and drugs. To resolve this problem I decided to put a textscreen in front of the base saying, "BUILDING Kos if mic spamming/Harassing/Loitering for 10 seconds" The people all ran into my garage where I was setting up the gun shop, all screaming for guns and drugs, then I had to shoot them all, there was about 4-5 of them that I have told to fuck off multiple times, and given multiple warnings. The textscreen was easy to read in 100/100/100 font size right in front of the garage, and they didn't mind it at all. They just kept screaming and fucking with me, and when I tried to sell one a gun they would all run into the gun shop spamming on my buttons and all jumbling up. I gave them some warnings to back up so I could sell the guns to one guy at a time, with an advert such as Back up warning 1/2/3. When I say mic spamming and screaming, I'm not talking about "can i buy guns" "sell me guns" They were just screaming like "AAAAAAAAAH" instead of asking to buy guns, so i ran outside and shot them for not following the rules of my kos sign, and then I get pulled into a sit, jailed, and banned without letting me explain.

Did you break any rules to get banned?: 

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