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Bank Interest System


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How to Start an Interest Account

  • Go to the bank and ask the Bank Manager to open one for you. You will have to give the Bank Manager the amount money you would like to deposit plus a little fee (depends on the bank manager). 
  • Once you have opened an account, you will earn money every 30 to 60 minutes.
  • The interest rate varies depending on the amount of money you have deposited.
  • Interest Rates:
    • Deposit Under $100,000 = 7.5% Rate

    • Deposit Under $500,000 = 5% Rate

    • Deposit Under $1,000,000 = 2..5% Rate

    • Deposit Over $1,000,000 = 1.25% Rate

  • Nothing is free in life, so this money isn't either. There is a slight chance you may lose all the money you have deposited depending on the amount (there is no way to get it back).
  • Risk Factors
    • Deposit Under $100,000 = 0% Risk Factor

    • Deposit Under $500,000 = 1% Risk Factor

    • Deposit Under $1,000,000 = 5% Risk Factor

    • Deposit Under $1,000,000,000 = 10% Risk Factor

    • Deposit Over $1,000,000,000 = 20% Risk Factor

  • The money generated from the account automatically gets transferred into your money.
  • The money you deposited automatically gets put back into your money when you leave the server, or you go to the 'Bank Assistant' NPC inside the bank to collect it.

(The percents and risk factors are put into place so you can't deposit a ton of money to farm big bucks from it.)

For Bankers - How to Open Interest Accounts

First you would want to collect a players money who would like to open an account. You may also charge a little fee, depending on the server rules. You then would want to head over to the machine attached to the wall and click e on it. Select the player who wants the account and enter the amount they gave you to deposit. Click on the "Open New Account" button and there account has been created. You will automatically make 10k per account you open.

(You can not open an account for yourself)




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