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How To Equip Accessories (Winter)


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Part 1. Menu

In Order To Equip Accessories. You Need To Find The Accessories Snowman. I Know Of 2 Locations

1. At Spawn


2. Right Outside Of Spawn Across From The Fountain


Once You Find This Snowman Press E (or interact) To Open The Menu. Should Look Like This20191220104817_1.thumb.jpg.dd8f26ed56aac039d4c1f292a4870a95.jpg


Part 2. Buying And Equipping

In Order To Purchase Accessories. Simply Chick On Of The Categories On The Left Of The Screen (Head, Eyes, Mouth, Neck, Or Back)

Once You Do It Should Look Something Like This


You Can Hover Over Options To See What They Look Like On Your Character. This Works With Any Job
Some Options (Like The One Below. Take Up Multiple Slots). This One Uses Head Mouth And Eyes, Meaning If You Wear It You Wont Be Able To Wear Something Different On Your Head Mouth Or Eyes Other That The Bear Mask


Once You Make Your Pick Click On It Once. A Small Window Will Appear That Says Purchase"(Price Of Item)"Like Below


Once You Click The Button A Conformation Window Will Appear Click Yes If You Would Like To Buy This


Once Done You Can Equip It. Click On The Item Again And Press Equip To Put It On


You Can Also Equip It In The Overview Tab


Part 3. FLEX

Now That Your Decked Out In Swag Go Flex To Little Billy That Your Better Than Him

Part PS. Adjusting

If Your Item Dosent Fit With Your Player Model Like Shown Below. Dont Fear. You Can Adjust It!

To Adjust Something Go To The Overview Tab And Right Click On The Item You Would Like To Adjust. A Menu Should Appear. Once It Does Click Adjust (like shown below)


Once You Press Adjust A Wacky Menu Should Appear. Dont Worry. Il Attempt To Explain It All To You

menu is  shown below


Options (if your character is facing you)


Slider To The Left Moves The Item Back Right Moves It Foward

Slider To The Left Moves It Right, Right Moves It Right

Slider To The Left Moves It Down, Right Moves It Up


Slider To The Left Rotates The Item To Be Facing The Ground, While Right Makes It Face The Sky

Slider To The Left Rotates The Item To Face The Left Of You , While Right Makes It Face Right

Slider To The Left Tilts The Item To The Right, While Right Tilts It To The Left


Slider To The Left Shrinks The Front And Back Of The Item, While Right Grows It

Slider To The Left Shrinks The Right And Left Of The Item While Right Grows It

Slider To The Left Shrinks The Top And Bottom Of The Item While Right Grows It

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