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How To Use F4 Settings/Change Weapon Wheel Color



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How To Use F4 Settings

This tutorial will show you how to use F4 settings as well as how to change your weapon wheel color and background.


Part 1 - Basics

Press F4 and then look for the "cog" symbol on the left side of the menu.

Click this symbol to go to your F4 settings menu. Once you are there you are given many different options that you can change and set to your liking. This includes changing your HUD appearance, game performance, etc.



You can use the slider on the right side to scroll up and down throughout the menu.





If you want to have a slight increase in FPS, deselect "Enable Shadows" and select "Low Power"

This will give you more FPS but not that much.


Part 2 - Changing Accent/Background color


To change your accent and background color you need to look for where it shows two boxes saying "Accent Color" and "Background Color"



The background color box once clicked will bring up a menu allowing you to select a color, which changes the color of the box at the top of your screen that has your ingame name, job class, etc.

It also changes the background of your weapon wheel.

To change your accent color, simply click on the box that says "Accent Color" and a box will appear to let you change the color.

Changing your accent color will change the color of some parts of your HUD including your weapon wheel and the Quick Settings/Context Menu (hold C in-game).

Here are some examples:


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