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False warn by Bladeograss (Maer Freaht)


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So I built my hobo base on the side of the road, not blocking anything or anybody, I had a text sign, a tip jar, a second floor blocked off by a fading door, but the base wasn't the problem, Bladeograss, as well as another hobo, decided that they wanted to start posting theire2 donation screens RIGHT in front of my base. I killed the first hobo a couple of times, thinking that he was just prop Minging, I got warned for rdm 2 times. But this still isn't what I'm here about, After I came back to my hobo house, I decided that I would get rid of them the legit way, I started to warn them, after the 3rd warning, I killed him. And instantly bladeograss (who at this point had his own  e2 donation page in front of my hobo base) pulled me into a sit from where he was watching this all go down. In the end, he warned me for false warn, witch, kicked me from the server and removed my props.  That is why I do not have any evidence. This page isn't just to get bladeograss in trouble, it's just to dispute he warn. I am sure that if you ask him, he will back the story. Here is an excerpt from the rule book,

15. You may not KOS on sidewalks. If someone is annoying you simply warn them to back away using the advert warn system.

My defense was that by minging with his e2 donation screen, he was annoying me and getting in the way of my ability to accept donations. Bladeograss just said that he doesn't understand how that could be annoying.


Please post your opinions and thoughts in the comments below, and Please note, this isn't to get bladeograss demoted or anything, I just want to dispute the warn and couldent find a better place to post about it (he even told me to post here after I asked where the best spot would be.)

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yeah idk why it posted twice, that was the websites fault. But I thought that since this topic didn't really have a home, this was just the most fitting, that it wouldn't have had to fit the template as it's more about the warn than the staff member. Perhaps you guys should make a forums page for disputing warns.


However if you would really like me to fit it to the template, i will.

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