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The Mafia: Introduction


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Looking for a gang to join? Want to know more about The Mafia? You came to the right place 😈.


The Mafia:

The Mafia is one of the most elite, tactical, and active gang in MBRP. We specialize in raiding, basing, and being the best. 

Our Purpose/Goals:

We strive to be the richest, most powerful, the hugest, and the most leveled gang in the server. Moving at the pace that we are going, I know we will reach our goals in no time. If you want to help us with reaching our goals, go ahead and join us.

How To Join:

In order to join you must pass our requirements given when contacting me on discord. You will be tested on basic RP rules so make sure you know them! My discord is Ecalper#6969.


If you are already in a gang but you want to become allies feel free to message me in game or in discord and we can work something out :).

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