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Rust Mega Update 12/21/2019 Through 1/1/2020


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Over the past few weeks i've been putting out hella updates and bug fixes, here is the complete log

- Fixed issue with combat block not blocking both parties of PVP
- As per community request, smelt speed on all furnaces is now 10x instead of the previous 5x
- As per community request, bandages and burlap clothing has been added to the spawn kit
- Fixed an issue with the spawn kit allowing you to indefinitely claim it infinitely many times even without dying.
- altered spawn kit to have just pants and a snow jacket so you still get cold protection but u dont get rekt by heli even if ur non agro 
- Added an automatic broadcast system with simple helpful messages like a reminder to do /report when encountering a cheater, etc
- Fixed issue with the spawn kit not being given to you if you died to another player
- Fixed staff ranks, so now you can tell whos staff and who isn't
- Also any staff member above Chat Mod is no longer allowed to play on the server, so if you see something make a report
- I've added a new autocode lock feature, read below to see how it works.
- By Default EVERYONE has access to use autocodelock on doors, and tool cupboards
- Donator ranks get access to place doors down without the need of a codelock in their inventory, it will just automatically place one for you.
- Donator ranks get access to use auto codelock on chests, lockers, etc.
- Fixed not being able to TP while cold
- Fixed not being able to TP "above water"
- Added better broadcast system
-Fixed the christmas event not working due to us being set to always day
- Removed time between buying stuff from vending machines 
- Fixed Skinbox
- Changed all Donator kits to have an 8 claim limit per wipe. (thats 2 per day)
- Fixed an issue with raidblock not letting you upgrade/repair
- Fixed an issue with destroying TC's not giving raidblock 
- added a kit for discord authenticated members. "/kit discord" redeemable every 2 hours, maximum of 5 times per wipe.
      - Kit discord comes with 2k stone, 2k wood, a building plan, a hammer, 2 furnaces, and 50 low grade fuel. perfect for getting your first base down :slight_smile:
- In order to authenticate your account, join the server and type /auth 
    - the rest should be pretty straight forward
- Added a chat monitoring system that will notify staff (even when offline - through discord) when someone uses any of the words that we have deemed "no no words" 
using a no no word will not get you automatically muted, but upon staff review, if the staff member decides u used the word in a hurtful context, you will be muted accordingly
- removed handyman system to replace it with a better system (not effective til restart) 
- added a better less flawed handyman systen (only for discord authorized and or VIP users)
command is still /handyman
- Updated no no words bot to have a broader search list of no no words
- Sam sites no longer target players with building priv 😉
- zlevels max level capped at 25 😉
- Changed broadcast messages to have colored links and commands so they easily stand out in chat (ty frosty for the suggestion) 
- Fixed issue with /remove letting you just doink someones entire base if u got TC
- New wipe schedule is Friday/Monday 😉
- Coffins are now available for purchase at Bandit Camp
- Bandit camp sells keycards for 300 scrap each
- Made Garage Doors stack to size of 10
- Fixed issue with clan members being able to shoot a fellow clan mates base and raid block the clan.
Unfortunately this will allow people who are in your clan to raid your base without getting blocked, so dont just invite random people to ur clan, invite people you can trust.
- Added kit discord to the "/kit" UI
- Fixed "/kit tools" cooldown from 16:40 to 15:00
- Made coffins, small boxes, and large boxes stack to 5 to take up less inv space
- also made stashes stack to 5
- also made Furnaces stack to 5
- also made fuses stack to 5
- Gave everyone by default all level 1 workbench blueprints
- Made crates drop loot from them after 30 seconds of being looted 
this will keep people from taking oil and leaving 1 or 2 items in the hack crate keeping a new one from spawning
- Chinook/Hack crates now only take 5 minutes to hack instead of 15
- Instead of making "/kit farm" for vips i just added a chainsaw and jackhammer to the donator kits
- added a "/kit crossbow" that has 5 max redeems per wipe and a 45 minute cooldown

Join the discord for more


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