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Harassment and prop blocking!


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Your in-game name: LED Light Strip


Users IGN: Multiple


Users SteamID: multiple

Explain what happened: Multiple players were harassing me after one of my friends set a warrant on my house for kidnapping someone. Then they all started storming my house, I was killed multiple times and they wouldn't get out of my house. When an admin came to help, he banned a couple and jailed the rest or got them out of my house. As soon as the admin left, they started harassing me and when another admin came, he couldn't do anything as he was not officially an admin or something of the sorts. then most of the admins couldn't do anything after that helped but one told me to post a user-report. So here I am :)




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In this instance the users name "Multiple" and the steamid "multiple" does not help us in this situation because our logs have cleared by now, and there wouldn't be away to grab these steamids unless they got back on at this given moment. However, in this video I do see multiple instances that a player will be punished for.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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