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1/13/2020 MC Update 1.1


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Network Updates:

Added A new chat filter system

Added A new chat cool down system

Added Automated chat responses

Added Auto broadcast to all servers

Added Chat, sign, book, nickname filter

Added Security support for OPS

Added Global messaging (All servers)

Added Mentions of players. (@(playername))

Added 1.7 Support

Added Enhancements to performance to all servers.

Added My own auto restart system to all servers.

Added Extra support to handle bot spams/lag that comes with it.

Added Certain donator ranks get less chat cool down. God+ bypasses chat cool down filter.

Added Punishment system to run off one server rather displaying to all servers.

Removed OP and DEOP functions in normal vanilla MC

Removed Anti Advertising system, and replaced it with a better formatted one.

Removed 2fa for all staff. ❤️

Removed 6am network restart, and only issued it for servers.

Removed Waterfall from the network, and now running on travertine

Removed Grammar filter that everyone hated.

Fixed Legacy api for our permissions handler

Fixed An issue with an essentials error not registering database.

Fixed Changed a lot of permissions evolved around our permissions system

Fixed An issue with giving/setting ranks

Fixed An issue with client connections due to faulty support

Fixed Fixed an issue with joining on 1.15

Fixed False error messages given

Improved Security of the network

Improved Our essentials system across all server platforms.


Lobby Updates:

Fixed Another error with using commands

Updated Server selector again.


Survival Updates:

Added Some more essential stuff

Fixed A few errors on startup.


Skyblock Updates:

Fixed Spawn area.

Fixed An issue with /kit not working


Discord Updates:

Improved Old server logo.


This update will consist mostly on network updates, as if I crammed everything I did into one post it would make the post to long. So here's just a few things I've improved upon for the server, and added/fixed.


Giveaway Very Soon!!!

Only in: https://discord.gg/wXDcVvq

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