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Update 1/18/2020


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  • Added a new Fight Club Manager job
  • Finally updated Adv Dupe 2 (May break things but hopefully not)
  • Added back the ladder tool (May also be broken not sure yet)
  • Increased the cash rewards on join
    Joining the discord is now $80,000
    Joining the steam group is now $45,000
    Referral is now $10,000
    Daily Login is now $25,000
    Name Tag reward is now $100,000
  • Slightly buffed the bitminers speed and amount
  • Increased the amount of Turrets you can purchase to 3
  • Increased the amount of Awp Asiimov to 10 and lowered the price to $50,000,000
  • Buffed the keypad cracker by 15 seconds
  • Added a shipment of pro lockpicks to the Black Market Dealer for $85,000 a shipment
  • Added a shipment of keypad crackers to the Black Market Dealer for $10,000 a shipment
  • Increased the amount of bo2 Skorpion to 10 and increased the price to $440,000


  • You can no longer use the tools Color and Fading Door on the Turrets
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