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Update 1/20/2020


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  • Replaced the undercover weapon on FBI with a new disguise weapon
  • Disabled being able to disguise as donator jobs
  • You now display as the same job as your target (Even on the scoreboard)
  • With the new player collisions we will now have a new Spawn Protection (Which means No more Rdm,building,shooting, etc in spawn)
  • Added the weed system from DarkRP


  • Added Wunderwaffe Ammo to the f4 menu


  • Optimization done to the hud
  • Low power mode now disables notifications and puts them in your chat
  • image.png.346ab8f131a3ee67cc0d8bf3ca8dbe0c.png
  • Fixed the issue with the text positioning on the door when adding someone to the door


  • Disabled player to player collisions (Which means no more body blocking, and for mbrp players getting stuck inside each other in spawn)
  • Made it so when you are inside a player they will now turn into a material only for you though.
  • Fixed a collision bug with the kidnap baton
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