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Your in-game name: Daoshi


Users IGN: totally not flooded


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/) ::  STEAM_0:1:179873831


Explain what happened: I was watching him shoot "fatass"s base and trying to destroy the stuff inside without adverting raid, so I adverted counter and killed him, which I believe I was suppose to say assist instead to stop him from doing it and I got jailed. He then started calling me a dumbass, which is the video below, because I was wrong and I was not suppose to kill him.

I asked him nicely to stop harassing me and he continued to do so, so I called a sit. Yumi is the moderator who handled the situation maturely and let him off with a warn and said if he harasses me one more time to let him know and he'll be punished. So I called another sit and he was jailed for 5 minutes.

While in jail, he continues to harass me (also in video) , and has been harassing me the past 40minutes it took to upload this video.


And sorry for the long video I wanted to make sure I didnt 'clip' anything into my favor and you got all the context.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/50ve57g9fy0dv11/2020-01-26 05-01-055555555.mp4?dl=0


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I do, But I have the evidence of him harassing me AFTER he was already warned and punished and in jail already in the video?

Would you like me to remove the part where I said he was harassing me for the 40minutes i was uploading the video, I mean Im not going to upload a 40minute video, I dont have space for that on top of the 8 minutes I already uploaded.

I just uploaded a picture of him saying hes only going to get a 10 min jail for me posting this on the forums.

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