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1/29/2020 MC Update 1.2


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Network Updates:

Added 1.15+ support to the event server (sorry in advanced)

Fixed An issue with some client versions connecting to network

Fixed An issue with connectivity to the network

Fixed Server jar, and network files to fix related issues

Fixed An issue with the chat filter system blocking commands repetitively.

Updated Some server outdated stuff

Lobby Updates:

Updated Server selector again.

Survival Updates:

(Begone Progress)

Added Integration for the kits plugin.

Added Few changes to startup.

Added Applied a few optimizations

Fixed Some more issues for 1.13 below support.


Skyblock Updates:


Discord Updates:

Fixed Discord links in #off-topic


Side Notes:

Recently due to a few medical issues I've been experiencing, my health hasn't been the greatest, and I've been in the hospital for quiet sometime. I've slowly been recovering with meds, but I'd still like to manage to get updates out there for this server. So for my current plan, I'll be doing what Miskie does, and do updates in small portions, and make threads then. But for the little update I had put together before I went to the hospital, this was it.


Giveaway Very Soon!!!

Only in: https://discord.gg/wXDcVvq

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