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RDMx2 and Raid w/o Advert


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my name at the time was "NotAGangMember" (STEAM_0:1:223499655)


the guy who rdm'd me was "DeadFox"

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:34746853


What Happened: So I was in my base and I have 2 bitcoin racks set up and I was using them and waiting until the coin built up so that I could sell them and then go to my dinner with my dad. Right before I had gotten off out of nowhere I was killed and my friend said a master thief jumped into my base through a window. He killed me and my friend and then took my bitcoin and destroyed the racks which at the time had 500k each in them. I checked console because I didn't remember seeing a raid advert. The whole thing about this situation is at the same time there were a few people(who later got banned) who where blocking off the Mexican spawn with huge barriers so nobody could pass. After awhile Robertt (an admin) finally got on. Banned those people who were doing it and before he could take my ticket I had to go. 


Attached is pictures of the logs showing him killing me and then another of my bitcoin racks




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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