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Daoshi's Money Making Guide

I browsed the guides and notice there was only 1 guide for money which was miners/printers, It seems the guide was outdated so I've spent the past few weeks logging some information. Please keep in mind these are ROUGH ESTIMATES and NOT actual numbers as I do not have any real data and because of user error and different methods people use between each job. I will explain what I've done in each section.
Feel free to contact me in game with any questions / comments regarding this guide.


Sapphire - $61,200 / hour
Emerald - $109,344 / hour
Ruby - $153,000 / hour
Diamond - $208,800 / hour
God - $4,860,000 / hour


These numbers are all fully upgraded miners.
S1 - $215,850 / hour
S2 - $327,120 / hour
Rack - $1,508,286 / hour
Fuel - Running at 1000W it takes approximately 6 minutes and 42 seconds to drain 1000L of fuel.


Lemon - 400s,520g -
AK47 - 300s, 663g -
Strawberry - 500s, 400g = $1,293,576 / hour
Sour Diesel - 250s, 700g - Redundant, OG Kush faster with same Grams.
Bubba Kush - 225s, 700g - Redundant, OG Kush faster with same Grams.
OG Kush - 200s, 700g -
Dark Devil - 600s, 345g -
"God Seed" - 18s, 800g = $13,567,953 / hour



Lean is pretty simple, Not a whole lot going on here.
$10,500,000 / hour



Also very simple.
$56,700 / hour



$1,369,440 / hour

Opium seemed to be giving me some odd bugs. I consistently used the proper amount of
2 Water, 3 Papaverine, 4 Codiene, and 4 Sulfate however it seemed to still give me different percentages on the barrels.
Also when I turned in crates some had about 25k, some with 50k, and some with 75k, so I believe some crates partially combined?



$630,000 / hour

It appears paper[15kg] will actually give you much higher profit per hour than whats listed. I will do more testing soon.

This amount assumes you're using BOTH recyclers, recycling only metal 100kg.
Also assumes you're leaving your trash while it recycles and risking being stolen.

Two recyclers was not enough for the amount of trash that I was bringing in so I also had to sit around
and wait for at least one to finish.

This amount could possibly be higher if you also use at least one Smelter (name check).

I also have a very low level Trash Gun, However I do not believe that would significantly impact the profit per hour
because you're already overloaded on trash if you are efficient enough.


NOT SUGGESTED (Unless you already have all perma weapons/tools)

Rare - $154,800 / hour
Brookite - $151,920 / hour

These numbers assume you have MAX in all mining levels.
Seems rare minerals are actually slightly rarer unless RNG just showed me wrong.
However the price difference in Rare ($50) and Brookite ($40) makes them roughly equal.

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