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Ban appeal

Cryptic In Colour

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Staff members name: BladeOGrass84


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:1:77760597


Explain what happened: I was about to be in a sit for RDM but my GMOD crashed so i immediately rejoined but i got banned for LTAP i dont think the guy did anything wrong it's just a misunderstanding and id like to be unbanned from my favourite server


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) I dont have any it was a crash idk how to screenshot that

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1 hour ago, Cryptic In Colour said:

where do i do ban appeal? i couldnt find it on the website


This is kinda the right place. When you make a ban appeal you think you were falsely banned so it's the same as a staff report...

You also made a post on the "ban appeal section" so i guess it's related?

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