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FaheightWalnuts Staff Application


FaheightWalnuts Staff Application  

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Sorry about not following TOE I did not know that existed so let me start over.

my username is FaheightWalnut

Steam ID: freddyfazbear952

yes I thought that the terror cooldown was 5 minutes and killed 9 people

Discord name: FaheightWalnut #3481

I am 14

NA East

4 days

I am asking to be a staff member on the MBRP server. I am asking because I really love playing on the server and I would like to help keep the server free of rude people. I have never been an admin on a server before and so i am hoping that my first time being an admin will be on a fantastic server!

yes I know I will lose some playtime



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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