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Report for NLR


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Your in-game name: GangRapistKingSavage


Users IGN: xd_lol, SpoofedBanana


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/ : xd_lol > STEAM_0:1:501938496 + SpoofedBanana > STEAM_0:0:199480626


Explain what happened: Was minding my business in my base when I saw the party raid advert and my door being picked, no problem there but the issue comes when I killed xd_lol. He came back, tried to kill me/place explosives again, so I killed him a second time. At this point I verbally told him he's breaking NLR and their raid is over. He proceeds to come back a 3rd time, successfully kills me, and THEN calls over. His buddy should've acknowledged the rule breaking and leave, but assisted him so I'm gonna go ahead and say he was complicit and just as guilty as his friend. 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. Saying "just look at server logs" isn't evidence) : Photo of console attached. In the console you can see the following - 
a) Raid advert
b) Locks being picked
c) Xd_lol deaths * 2 (evidence he broke NLR and returned)

d) Xd_lol killing me after returning for the 3rd time

e) Xd_lol adverting over AFTER killing me (after breaking NLR 3 times)



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I'd like to add onto this report. Maybe 20 minutes after this happened they came back again. Xd_lol breaks NLR again, I will attach another image of the console, this time showing I killed xd_lol * 2. His buddy was a bit better this time, telling him not to come back again. I would've killed him a third time if not for his friend saying that to him.


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29 minutes ago, ImTheLetterE said:

+ support

clearly shows that you did kill him more than once when he was raiding

all im asking tho is why you included spoofed in the report, he didnt break a rule. just becaus his buddy broke nlr doesnt mean that spoofed has control of it

Felt it was better to mention it just in case. I know that if my buddies and I were raiding and I noticed one of them repeatedly breaking NLR, I'd call off the raid just to be safe and let it be known that I'm not allowing the NLR. 

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