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Senpai Braeden


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Staff members name:

 Senpai Braeden

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To be clear, I don't really want this staff member punished (however if yall feel it's needed, go ahead idrc), I just want a second opinion on this sit, do you think hes right or i'm right. I personally feel what I did was totally legal, and if a player flees the raid while ur shooting at them, you should be allowed to chase them down, aslong as its within a reasonable time frame

 This guy raids me, i start shooting him (WHILE INSIDE MY BASE) he calls over (WHILE GETTING SHOT) and runs away, braeden says after someone calls over Im not allowed to kill them and jails me. He refused to watch the the video evidence provided, and says his higher up says i'm not allowed to chase down and kill the raider after i shoot him. This player was killed within 7 seconds of him leaving my base, its not my fault he uses speed swep to run fast a fuck and i missed. 
I think we can all agree, that it was totally legit for me to kill the player as i shot him first, then he called raid over and ran away. It would make sense to get jailed if I found him like 45 seconds later then killed him, but the fact it was all within 10 seconds or so, shouldnt be a jail.

At the end of the day, raid or not. he was in my base, I started shooting him, and he ran away so I chased him down and finished him off in what I would call a reasonable time frame. 

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)

Video of what happened:

(proof he got the video link)


Video of him not even watching the video and just jailing me:
(back story, i put the video in chat and said yeah just watch the video it explains everything (didn't get this part), instead of watching the video he claims he asked a higher up for his opinion and the higher up says i cant chase the raider down, but its obvious he didn't watch the video as he was asking me questions about the raid, which is all clearly shown in the video)


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