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2/23/2020 Update!


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  • Increased kidnapper max to 4
  • Increased the armor on S.W.A.T Member to 50
  • Increased the health on S.W.A.T Chief to 125
  • Increased the armor on S.W.A.T Chief to 50
  • Increased the armor on S.W.A.T Sniper to 50
  • Increased the health on S.W.A.T Support to 150
  • Increased the armor on S.W.A.T Support to 100
  • Increased the run speed on S.W.A.T Support
  • Updated the description for Hotel Manager
  • Updated the description on Fight Club Manager
  • Added a new default law "Past second set of doors in the Bank is AOS"
  • Added the command "/zrewards" to reopen the rewards menu


  • Nerfed the FG42's RPM to 800 instead of 900
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to inventory (fbi passport/briefcase/Jihad Bomb/Speed Swep/Shadow Knife)
  • Lowered illegal passport price to 5,000.
  • Buffed opium sale prices.
    Basic 7,500 -> 17,500
    Medium 17,500 -> 32,500
    Premium 25,000 -> 50,000
  • Fixed a grammar mistake in the Double or Nothing machine.
  • Added Closet's (bodygroup editors)
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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