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3/17/2020 Update


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  • Removed !unstuck as it was mainly being abused
  • Added a way to change your player and physgun colors in the F4 Settings tab
  • Added the popular gmod dance the the C menu
  • Added a 10 minute restart warning (MBRP will get this when they get the new ui)
  • Combined law 4 and 5 to give the Mayor one more slot to work with
  • Fixed the max props for exhibitionist showing at 75
  • Added a different door group for the PD Cell Doors so only high up Government Officials can unlock/lock them(I have to set the doors manually tomorrow)
  • Raised the max limit on SWAT Support from 2 to 4


  • Updated the holday vape for St Patrick`s Day
  • Now players will be wanted when they destroy someones camera


Thanks to @ThatOneGingie for the help with suggestions.

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