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Your in-game name: WillamBUTLICKER


Staff members name: Greg Dendrickson


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:150500246


Explain what happened: so i was a hobo and made a thing on the sidewalk and it said Sgt Gold needs to be demoted if you change my mind ill pay you 1000 if you cant change my mind pay me 100 so some dude said your wrong and i said im not wrong and then he hopped on my desk and said i had a dream that jesus told me i would meet a gay boy in a gay server so i warned him 3 times and i killed him then he came back and killed me so i made a sit and gregs like it sounds like you rdmed him and i was like i warned him 3 times and then hes like let me take a look and froze me then the dude pulled out a sniper and shoot me and greg did nothing about it and thens hes like you warned wrongly and then jailed me for 10 mins


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.)




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1 minute ago, goober16615 said:


-you took no damage so it wouldn't show up in logs

-wtf is that reasoning 

-You were moved in the sit for spamming bug bait there's no abuse here 

-the person who sniped you was behind him so there's no way he would've seen it 


what do you mean by the last one in the sit room he sniped me and he was in front of me 

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seems like you are digging at something that is not there. You were being a minge and he phys gun froze you. Fair, no abuse there. Why is there no footage of the adverts and or the reason this all started which in case you do not remember is him standing on your chair and you advert warn 3 times

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Okay. Let me clear this up. I have exactly one hour of footage so far of this guy breaking the rules/being a minge. This case didn't take place. The reason you were jailed is because that was your 5th sit for practically the exact same thing and as it became repetitive I used Staff Member Discretion to jail you for longer. The reason your adverts were false, is that you didn't wait the proper time in between each warn. I would be more than happy to upload and hour of footage of you minging that i can't seem to get to stick because I'm sure all of these experienced lovley staff members could find a way to get it to stick. Other staff memebers that have been there the entire time are SGT gold and John roncondo.

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