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RDM #2

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Your in-game name: Kreeak


Users IGN: Teta the Shit


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):  STEAM_0:1:87694815


Explain what happened: RDMing Nomad over and over constantly. Can be seen in top right, and a couple of times near the end of the video. While Nomad was randomly putting props in the street he had been doing that for hours even when admins were on and he wasn't stopped. Also still no reason for him to be rdming.. He also said no admins were on so yea kind of what started everything. He ended up killing me, JpMorgan, and Nomad. As you can see in the video he had well over 20 kills. And he never adverted anything.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)


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- Support


Teta was "RDMING" Nomad for Attempting to Crash the Server ( Shown at 2:00 in the Clip you uploaded ). I dont know if you were aware of this, but Nomad was later banned for 8 Weeks by Osamaa for Attempting to Crash it.


Teta was in the Right, You were simply caught in Crossfire, get over it, its a game.

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I was RDMING Nomad for a clear reason, it even shows you at  2:00 to prove i was trying to stop him from trying to crash it cause he was pulling the props all around the map and as you can see in the video that he was pulling it and was trying to crash it.

i shot you once and that was crossfire and so was squg, so i'm ok with getting warned for rdm x2 but the other times on nomad were justified along with his ban and also the time where i killed JP was when he was trying to rdm me/my friend

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