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Mechz false banning w/loss of approximately 20 mil



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Your in-game name: BONGeBOY(STEAM_0:1:11133071)

Staff members name: Mechz(STEAM_1:1:59792936

Explain what happened: he banned me for rdm in a sit, i was being raided by the PD and the tore my base apart making it prop blocked, i was obviously defending the raid an others trying to get in or were just on my property, they guys who tore my base down got killed and came back saying it was prop blocked. they were right, and also breaking nlr, however they were also the ones who made it prop blocked. so when they called a sit a admin came obviously, and when he cam i was still defending my property form raiders, he didn't interact with me for a bit because i didn't see him un-tell a bit later and in that time he was there without my knowledge i killed a few people, he then banned me fore rdm in a sit also it was out of admin land and I've had a bunch of rdms in a sit hat went in admin land be excused for that reason, also lost about 20 milion in weed bricks so ya id like that 20 mil back 


Mechz posted the evidence im bringing up in this report 

also pog i got quads on my ban appeal number 

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