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04/05/2020 update!


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  • Fixed John Wicks color to a lighter color



  • Added dadmin logs
  • Finally removed d3a logs
  • Removed xadmin logs
  • You can no longer disguise as "Chemical Fiend"
  • Added bodygroup closet back to the server
  • Removed a few useless opium npc's thanks to @gz
  • Removed a floating meth dropoff point



  • Removed the old buggy buddies system
  • Added new and improved buddy system (Command is /buddy or just use the c menu. Also buddies will be synced across all Exhibition servers)
  • Updated the context menu for the new buddies system
  • Fixed bug with admin chat
  • Fixed staff having an Admin Keypad Checker while not in adminmode
  • Added more commands to the ignored command list
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