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Runner Gang


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Runner Gang


Runner gang was first started around 10 months ago with the name 'Top Hat Gang'. It changed to Runner Gang about 6 months ago. It was a very small gang at first, only being close friends of mine. It started expanding very rapidly when Skerrt16, Yo Soy Jack and me started getting interested in gangs. At the time, nobody did anything gang related.




  • Runner Gang currently has 80+ members. With more members, we could be on the top of the leaderboards in all fronts!
  • Runner Gang is the highest level gang in MBRP. We are far ahead of our competition, and plan to be #1 indefinitely.
  • Runner Gang has the most money and worth in MBRP, with a balance of 200+ million dollars, and being worth roughly 1.7 billion dollars.





Chairman - @discordlunaa

CEO - @Jush

COO - @Gulbrand

CFO - @ImTheLetterE

CAO - @NightKnight aka.Beerus

Board of Directors:

Mr T

Carlos Klark



  • DM me on discord with your in game name @luna#6677 OR
  • Reply to this with your name and your discord @


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