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who let the prp clowns on DRP?


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i'm still banned even tho my ban time is up because miskie is gay and doesn't want to unban me because he is big gay

Staff members name:


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Explain what happened:

ok first can someone tell me why every PRP staff sound like a 9 years old? did they all lie on their staff app or do you just accept kids on your staff team @Azrael?

anyway again i was enjoying my RP EXPERIENCE with my friends on discord and while they are screensharing (because im fucking banned still), anyway Milky (gay name btw) walked up to soy and soy ARDM Milky, Milky makes a sit about ARDM.  during the SIT Clapzy (for some retarded reason) keep mentioning RDM manager and how it is broken even thought it has nothing to do with the sit (again sit about ARDM), Soy claims he has a base, then Clapzy asks soy where his base at and then soy/milky proceed to change into staff mode *cough* which is totally against the staff rule as you're not allowed to go into admin mode during sits *cough* and soy fly out, buy a base doors and ask the clapzy guy to teleport to him, in the end after he checks that soy on the doors, he asks for Video Evidence (again the sit was about ARDM and there is logs for doors/damage)

Clapzy HIMSELF said that he had no way of proving that soy had just bought the door when there are logs DEDICATED to buying doors WITH timestamps. In the video you can even see Milky checking the logs. It's clear the staff member could have dealt with the situation better by checking logs . The staff member was even talking about RDM manager being BROKEN when the sit was about ARDM.

reminder Clapzy is a HEAD ADMIN on PRP

also reminder Clapzy was trained by thorobred🤡  

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!):


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Well this really isn't just Clapzy.
1. Soy lied about everything in that sit. He flew away during the sit to BUY DOORS and put down props just so he would be saved from being punished.
2. Clapzy just didn't handle the sit correctly.
3 (maybe). Whatever that e2 thing is. If he is using it for staff related issues I guess it isn't that bad.

So, +Support. 

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it doesn’t spot players it finds players e2s and shows who’s e2s they  are. It doesn’t give an e2 code, e2 name anything just where the e2 is.



NO Rule Against it because it doesn’t show players code and/or locations

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6 minutes ago, RacoonsOnWeed said:

wire_holograms_display_owners put that in console

That is not allowed. If that is allowed that is literally retarded because of the fact you get SteamID and where the players are which is def against the rules. If he is not demoted for cheating, then we know we have a corrupt manager

Ok back to the report


Clear Evidence of wrong doings on ALL 3 Sides

1) Clapyz not knowing how to take the sit and come to the correct conclusion using logs

2) ARDM and admin abuse by no clipping out of the base and buying the doors

3) What I said above for Milk Man

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This is gonna be a yikers from me. Notice what ghosty said..... this guy was trained by THOROBRED AKA MANAGER..... Now im not toxic in anyway shape or form...but this is unacceptable....just handed this guy a staff rank and let him on the staff roster as volunteer. I wonder how many times the staff has to mess up before someone takes disciplinary action. Another RP experience ruined in my eyes. 

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Oh, and to add on to what I said above...
Soy, being an Administrator, should NOT be lying about anything and he shouldn't have put down a base to cover it up.
If its a little punishment, he should've just taken it.
Also, to call him out, he said that if he wasn't promoted a week ago, he was going to leave. Luckily he was promoted.
If a staff member threatens to leave because they don't get promoted quickly, they shouldn't be staff in my opinion.
It makes them seem demanding and power hungry, something you do not want on a staff team.
These staff members need to be dealt with. Being a former manager, this shit should not be able to go by unnoticed AT ALL.

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