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04/12/2020 Update!


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  • Changed the color of gang chat to make it more visible
  • Replaced the old cuffs with new improved ones
  • Replaced the weapon checker with an improved metal detector
  • Replaced the old taser with a new improved one
  • Updated Holiday Vape for Easter



  • Added back the Harpoon
  • Added back the Smuggling
  • Added a few jobs
    Junkie (VIP Job)
    Expert Human Trafficker (VIP Job)
    Old Man (User Job)
    Foreigner (User Job)
    El Chapo's Wife (User Job)
    Mercenary (VIP+ Job)
  • Made Foreigner a Mexico only job
  • Made it so you can not disguise as El Chapo's Wife
  • El Chapo can now purchase lockpick shipments
  • Added USA Passport and the 1887 Winchester  to Coyote
  • Added “You do NOT guard the border!” to ICE's description
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