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Thorobred staff report


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Your in-game name:


Staff members name:


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:


Explain what happened:

if we all look at the staff report i made yesterday, i made a very legit staff report with no memes and no RP EXPERIENCE RUINED because it was a 100% legit staff report, i explained the whole situation about and how the staff member falsely jailed me, and i also mentioned how in the staff guideline that being made by the manager who decided to deny my staff report, you can't Punish people based on assumption, The staff member himself in that staff report admits that he assumed i was "minging" and decided to jail me for it which again goes against the staff guideline



obviously i'm not going to teach any of you how to do staffing, This is an RP server and if you're going to assume its RDM, why didn't you assume it was based on an RP action and checked advert logs or any other logs beside kill logs? RDM manager at least? its your job to check all of these as you're the staff member not me, This also proves that you also been bias toward the Victim  

but this staff report is going toward thorobred, as i said i explained everything in the report and explained how i wasn't able to spawn any textscreens but he responded with this


i understand that you're inactive but you should at least know that when you're jailed you can't pull out the textscreen toolgun which i tried to do it in the video evidence i attached to that staff report, and everyone knows including you im banned on discord


also can you tell me what you mean by this? are you telling me to abuse and bypass my 190k years gag/mute?


so basically you're telling me that staff members can punish based on assumptions? you're going against your own staff guideline which is the main reason why i made this staff report

and you clearly didn't even read my staff report at all, i already got jailed for the 5 minutes on that person by miskie, getting jailed for it again is a clear abuse by the staff member.

you're clearly doesn't know how to do your job and trying so hard to not demote any of your staff members because you clearly know nobody want to be staff under your management (except the minges that you keep accepting lately), till this moment the you're worst DRP manager exhibition ever got, you can go ahead and ask any staff/ex staff that was under your management, this is also reflect on your staff members as you just spend one hour on this server you can see what i mean, if i was in the mood you will find another 4 staff reports on 4 different staff members all just from my playtime from yesterday.  

also i was just informed that miskie pinged the whole staff team about my gag/mute when it happened, you can't follow what mechz said about "not knowing about it"



Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)



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I even rewatched the videos and it shows that he was in jail and tried to use the toolgun... 3D2D Textscreen and did not work.

There was nothing that he could of done. The only thing he could of done is friend Mechz on discord before he was banned which is not his fault at all and not at liberty of the plaintiff.

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Personally, I will give a +support because Ghosty really couldn't do much. 

On the last report, Thorobred denied it because of the fact that he could've added Mechz on discord but at the same time, Ghosty is banned off the main discord which is completely understandable. This is just the point that Ghosty couldn't add Mechz in time before he got banned.

The second part is that Mechz really shouldn't be assuming anything which is clearly stated in the staff guidelines. 

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hate to break it but ghosty really couldnt do much. saying "find another way of communication" was kinda a bad response in my opinion, the only other way he could have gotten contact was thru discord and steam.

both ways would have taken the same amount of time between the time he got brought to mechz and jailed, if not longer

discord, we dont know if mechz will immediately check his dms plus discord has a weird system where sometimes to DM someone you have to share a server / be friends. 

steam, you need to send a friend request; therefore Ghosty would have had to go through even more trouble to find Mechz's steam page to friend him and its up to Mechz to accept or not.

all in all yall have to humor ghosty in some way he was already punished before and mechz DID assume RDM.


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37 minutes ago, King Kohler IV said:


I Think Mechz and Thorobred Dealt with this correctly and its on Ghosty for not even trying to find another way to communicate such as discord, steam or even a text screen.  

Are you special He could not use a text screen for one. Why would the user have to go out of their way to talk to the staff another way. if mechz would have looked at logs he could have seen the kidnapper kidnapped Gimme then was killed. and they are always in a party so ya know dont be fucking mental.


+ Support

Reasons stated above

Miskie literally @'d the staff team so Mechz should have known

You know what they say about assuming

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+\- Support


Most of the time staff do not remember who they jails and what for as it’s just something that u don’t really need to know, yeah they might remember if it’s bright up but it’s not like u have a big red thing above your head that said IM JAILED. I do 100% agree he could have handled it better but the the he had to go off of was logs and logs said you killed him to him it looked like you where refusing to defend yourself.

There is always other ways to contact him it takes 2 secs to dm him on discord and staff are not supposed to block other ppl in the community so you would not have a problem DM’ing him.

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With the information provided, I have come to the conclusion that the SIT could have been handled differently with the circumstances. But at the same time if you have party members in your discord call, they could have easily called an admin to be brought to the SIT or put it in OOC for ghosty. I will be discussing this with Thorobred in hopes to find a common ground for all.


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