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04/22/2020 Update


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  • Increased the party size limit from 8 to 10



  • Increased the foreigners salary from 0 to 1
  • Made el Chapo's Wife a mexican only job
  • You no longer have to vote for Sewer Monster King
  • You can no longer inventory the f2000
  • Added a Sewer Monster Queen(VIP only)
  • Added another model to el Chapo's wife
  • Increased the amount of health Expert Hitman spawns with to 125
  • Increased the starting armor for Expert Hitman to 50
  • Added Aspirin shipment for Chemical Fiend and Junkie
  • Removed weaponchecker from Police, Border Patrol, and Ice
  • Added angry hobo swep and bugbait to Junkie
  • Added /gc as a command for gang chat
  • Increased the gang chat limit to 64

Thanks @Damplips

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