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Update 4/30/2020


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  • Opium has been replaced by the cocaine manufacturer
  • Meth entities can be picked up with the physics gun again
  • Lean has been changed
    • Lean no longer needs to be manually shook by the player
    • Lean now gives 5 cups from the barrel from 4
    • Lean cool-down reduction has been removed when purchasing ingredients
  • Weed NPC now can be walked through with ease
  • Weed dry time has been increased to 80 seconds from 60 seconds
  • Event Menu has been added to the server this will be used for daily events on the server
    • Daily events will include the following
      • Money printer event
        • Elegant printers and bit-miners make 200% more
      • Lean event
        • Lean makes 200% more money
      • Cocaine event
        • Cocaine makes 200% more money
      • Weed event
        • Weed Makes 200% more money
      • Meth event
        • Meth makes 200% more money
  • Run and walk speed has been increased when cuffed


  • Ugly coinflip notifications have been removed
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