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Techno Kitty

Goodbye From Queen Ellie aka Techno Kitty

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Techno Kitty    37

So i spent some time thinking whether i should come back or just outright leave, since it seems the people i play with are dropping like flys and getting com banned i think i will just stay gone. i had alot of fun on exhibition as a whole, also spent a lot of money on this server. I hope everyone has wonderful day. Goodbye ill do a few shout outs at the bottom

@VAC_Efron Idiot

@Michael Smh could have been manager but you had to follow us and resign

@GhosTy Got perma banned for you lol dont regret a thing, also f for the com ban

@GimmeBooty Sup Ni-...

@Kudaa You got the sheets right?

@Lvl. 1 Crook Have you died or something?

@Calcium Helium Hi glad we are friends i guess

@Azrael - Android Owner Your goodbye was great love how you didnt give a fuck. i took ss of that shit lol

@MexicanHam Love you, even tho you never talk to me anymore

@Miskie If only you didnt over react that day things would be so much more different now.

@Stay Frosty Sup sorry for saying the n-word so much on rust and pinging you like 50 times in the span of 30 min

@ben71380 Benny wit a tenny

@JumpinJackJake Ya like lo-fi?

@Braeden You are pretty cute.

@Worlld Dont know what to say but your a noon

@Soy ツ Ah yes probably my favorite staff member

@thorobred Sup, Sorry for leaking the doc that one time thanks for not striking me, even tho you gave me a strike for arguing with miskie and calling thrill a nig nog

@Lubricated Dragon Dont be mad that you arent apart of my erp on vr chat.

If i didnt mention you its one of three reasons

Reason one you are just not important

Reason two i forgot you

Reason three i couldnt find your @

Have a wonderful day enjoy your stay at Exhibition

Maybe one day ill come back but im sure it wont be any time soon

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