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Update 5/29/2020


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  • Developer



  • The following has been wiped
    • Money
    • Accessories
    • Inventory
    • Seed Banks
    • Vehicles
    • Gang Inventories
    • Titles
    • Unboxing
  • Adjusted weapons / shipments / entities / and ammo to the new economy
  • Vending machines have been added back into the server and have new items added to them such as
    • AWP Asiimov
    • Speed Swep
    • Savitar Speed Swep
    • Tier Armors
  • Stun gun has been replaced
  • Kidnap weapon has been replaced
  • Replaced inventory system
  • Replaced elegant printers with our custom ones
  • Added two new go karts
  • Added Counter Strike Online weapons for unboxing
  • Increased chances of winning on casino machines
  • Added new emote system ( Default KEY:G )
  • Replaced blues bitmining system with a new one and made it job restricted ( Hacker Job )
  • Added unisec keypads
  • Added missions addon ( do !missions in chat )
  • Added new death cards
  • Added new boombox
  • Rules have been revamped here
  • Removed freeze ray gun
  • Removed old drugs and replaced them with new ones
  • Updated HUD and F4 Menu
    • Made TOP and BOTTOM HUDs smaller and added an option to use the lovely HUD created by our director @fesh
    • F4 jobs now show in two rows
  • Added pack-a-punch machine for players to upgrade their weapons temporarily 
  • Added RAD-15 for police to use to want players doing illegal activities
    • If you have a gun license you won't be able to be wanted for illegal weapons
    • Players now must be wanted in order to be arrested by the police
  • Players can no longer bail themselves out
    • You must have someone else to bail you out
    • Running a certain distance away from the PD will automatically unarrest you now
  • Added Weapon Detector entity for police to spawn and use for defenses
  • Cleaned up the Weapon tab in the Q menu
  • Pumpkin accessory can only be purchased in October now
  • Added new top hats for different ranks
  • Increased time a player can be warranted for to 10 minutes from 1 minute
  • Reskinned Rewards popup
  • Optimized welcome mat
  • Added new jobs
    • Shark ( You can KOS anyone in the ocean but you are KOS to everyone on land, must use sharkbite swep to kill people )
    • SWAT Recon ( You work with the police as normal. You are armed with a entity detector which can see entities through walls upto a certain distance )
  • Removed inactive custom classes
  • Removed the ability to assassinate from all custom classes
  • God class can no longer terror
  • These classes have reduced salary
    • GOD
    • MBRP>DRP
    • DPR>MBRP
    • Mayor
    • Juggernaut
  • Removed heavy explosives from all custom classes
  • Added new infection masks
  • Added 2 new scarfs
  • We are changing the starting money to $100,000
  • For the first week of this update we will be offering 12 Hour free vip (This will expire to user)
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