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Update 5/29/20 #2


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  • Fixed Mining/donator weapons and Inventory wanting you for illegal weapons in the weapon scanner
  • Fixed classes missing kidnap swep
  • Fixed kidnap logs for staff
  • Now only hackers can sell jammers
  • Hackers can only sell single jammers now for $10k each
  • The knocked out time is now 45 seconds for kidnapping
  • Added a bunch of future weapons to no drop and no pickpocket list
  • Added back gokart and jetski npc's
  • Nerfed casino jackpot a little bit
  • Disabled the respawn animation
  • Changed the pissed baby's description a little bit
  • The Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator is now $50,000

Known Bugs:

  • Auto collector doesn't work after printer has be deactivated/hacked
  • Can't inventory armor suits
  • Kidnap bug
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