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Miniature Rich Pool

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Hi, my name is Yeeterino, and I'm here today to bring you something that just might put a little spark of joy in your miserable life. Tired of the biggest gangs owning the best houses? Have you ever wanted to get that taste of Rich base that you just couldn't before? Well, do I have a dupe for you. Introducing: Rich Pool. A little something to bring a lot of luxury to your day-to-day MBRP...ing. With this little pool all it takes is a little texturing and you're on your way to being the richest person on the block. (Probably because all the blocks are poor except for Rich base).  *Comes with 1 pool floaty and ball. *Note that the front wall that ramp goes up is not solid, so you can walk under the "water" to create the illusion of swimming.

Side effects may include dizzyness, trouble breathing, heart failure, death, assassination attempts, kidnappings, and ear damage due to incoming mic spam. Results may vary.
DISCLAIMER : Yeeterino Building Co. ™ is not responsible for any backlash provided when using the Miniature Rich Pool (Patent pending) and will not be giving away any compensation. Thank you for your patience.

(This infomercial was sponsored and paid for by the G.A.Y (Great Achievements from Yeeterino) foundation. For more information, dial 1-800-PleaseHelpImKidnappedToMakeDupes)



miniature rich pool.txt

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