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Staff Such As Soap Or Die Show No Concern Towards People Breaking The Rules.


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s in the rules is clearly states a hobo may not have property, but our lovely staff couldn't care less..

  • Hobos may not own any property or build on roofs.
  • Hobbes are allowed to build shacks on the sidewalks or build together with other hobos to make a hobo community.
  • Hobos may not have any raidables.
  • Hobos are only allowed to use pistols and melee weapons. 


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First this is staff reports for drp not mbrp second this is for reporting staff when they do wrong not when they mis or dont do somthing. Also if you dont make a sit or no one does dont bitch about staff if nothing happens. Anyways have a nice day Locked


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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