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MRDM by 4 people over night


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Your in-game name: Boe Jiden (Kieserite)


Users IGN: Diebto, Sir hammercock, adolf hitler sucks dick, and more (watch full vid)


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010STEAM_0:0:426414899, STEAM_0:0:94420077, STEAM_0:1:67031564, STEAM_0:1:523746166 + More throughout vid (shown on screen)


Explain what happened:

Multiple MRDMs in a 30 minute span. Have a T-mod look through the footage for 30 minutes and just down steam ids. (Sorry I cant do it rn it is 4AM and I have to be up at 😎

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

 (video will be uploaded fully at 4:30 hopefully)


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6:04 Sir Hammer Cock Steam ID (Ice SRT)
| 5:30 Tries to arrest me
| 5:40 Kills me
| (Changes Name) RDA 21:50

6:15 Dieblo's Steam ID (OSAMA)
|If you listen suuuuper closely throughout 6:30-7:00 you can hear Osama constantly breaking NLR and bombing ( he does this throughout the whole vid)
| 18:54 Osama starts the "Close Spawn" Side quest
| 21:04 evidence they are his props
| 21:30 more evidence that they are his props
| 23:39 Goes back to the classics (MRDM, MNLR, NITRP)
| 29:34 gets stabbed so hard he disconnects

Isiphelo Steam ID 7:19
| 7:04 Isi kills me after I arrest osama
| The rest of his kills were mainly in kill feed so Im gonna let him off

Adolf Hitler Likes Cock 10:07 User ID
|7:34 Adolf joins in the second World War (circa 1939 colorized)
|10:00 Adolf Kills a small jewish boy trying to play with him


Leedle (Bank manager) 12:59 User ID

| leedle (Bank manager starts Cheating 12:48)

| Leedle kills me from somewhere 14:36

|Watch through 14:48 for evidence of cheating and MRDM

(Sidenote there were more people with smaller offenses but just focus on Dieblo, leedle and sir)

dumb things:

A wild human trafficker continues life as normal (13:48)

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