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Imprisoned over RDM ofter a hobo adverted rape and I shot him (Police)


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 Boe Jiden

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Okay to start off I am fairly new (I started playing the server 4 days ago) and I have never once played hobo so I didn't know the powers of that job, Okay so I was in a casino when a hobo adverted rape and ran after me so I killed him. 2 minutes later I was brought into a sit for RDM due to the fact that I defended my anus from fear of penetration. I believe that the use of power to jail me after someone adverted an ability that is widely used on other servers is corrupt and I want a hug and an appoligie from the admin in question.


Evidence 51880B7C699FFF38D0A5BA681A6FC13F8BB0C4EA (1920×1080)5A4C2FC24E0708D58EE4CAD7C7DA0353A85CCD71 (1920×1080)

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