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Prop Minge and Metagaming

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Your in-game name: McGoober


Users IGN: N1gger Killer   and    Peter Muskrat


Users SteamID   STEAM_0:0103081777 (N1gger)    STEAM_0:0:45231924 (Peter)


Explain what happened: I was bored as pres so i offered 1 mil (eventually 5) if someone killed me. naturally this brought along money hungry minges when only a couple mods were active. I ended up not giving anyone money as I had prop minges and metagamers. (there were players placing vending machines, green shelves, and double thick plastic) I only have "killer" as proof of prop minge and "Musk" as a obvious metagamer, If the mod that helped me, (Fat Mak) could provide evidence on the green shelf spammer I'd appreciate it!




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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