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Rybrex abusing and using info that does nto break any rule to denide stuff


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Your in-game name:zoroark


Staff members name: Rybrex


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): NA on forums


Explain what happened: he denide a staff report on soem that warned me for following a rule to tthe t because that guy was "Test raiding" and did not advert thow counter rule say seeing not reading and denide my staff app becasue I told my friedn to lkook a the disrect and and bs people wear say on my staff ap not asking him to review or accept the application  just see the bs people where say about my and directing my disabilities then extendinmg the time before my staff ap becasue he was but heart I called him a prick after he calls me a smart ass when I call out a falisy in his logic


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) 




II☢ zoroark ☢-Today at 5:12 PM

There must be an advert beforehand for someone to counter. so are you say you can't counter pick pockets so I can report anyone that does taht

Tyler-Today at 5:27 PM

Dont be a smartass, the pickpocketing puts off a sound, Which allows you to counter it. There was no advert on the raid so you may not counter it. End of story.

II☢ zoroark ☢-Today at 5:46 PM

nice false dening my staf app you prick
I ask him to look at that sit you guy wher epull not to respon or review(edited)

Tyler-Today at 5:53 PM

just made it worse for yourself

II☢ zoroark ☢-Today at 6:03 PM

no you making your making you self more and more of a badmin you can not emtion blinde you jument

Tyler-Today at 6:03 PM

Staff disrespect is a rule you know that right? Not based off of emotion bud.

II☢ zoroark ☢-Today at 6:13 PM

only in sit

Tyler-Today at 6:13 PM

No, in general. You cant disrespect staff. Nice try though.

II☢ zoroark ☢-Today at 6:15 PM

no it not look at forum rule and the only where that show up is in sit on darkrp

Tyler-Today at 6:19 PM

Discord rules. 1st rule.
Backseat moderating is also a rule.
So don't do it


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2 minutes ago, Teta The Man said:

you advertised your app, should have posted it on discord, and just because you have disabilities doesn't mean that people are picking on you cause you have them.

also don't get why you have to make it big fucking text other than taking a photo of it



I don't know how to screen shot and it was a dm not server wide 

also Rybrex

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and this is the definition of what you said 

  1. the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.
    "movie audiences are receptive to advertising"
    • advertisements collectively.
      "despite being instructed to take the signs down, he says he has no intention of removing the advertising"
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1 minute ago, LevelCake Emerald.gg said:

I don't really agree if thats advertising but it is "Advertising" 

Yes, you were trying to prove a point of Jake park doing something and he commented on your staff app say something i don't believe that you had to make a whole report of this you could of just messaged Rybrex and tried to resolve it nicely. but yes it does count as advertising 

I did he over react to my of word because of all the shit people have Ben saying that why I made this 


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