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Cam William - Mass False Demote/Harrassment.


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Your in-game name: Haze_of_dream


Users IGN: Cam William


Users SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165029245


Explain what happened: False Demotionx7, There were more but this was all while i was in spawn, so literally no reason could be given for said demotion. Ontop of that, everytime this user falsely demoted me, they would tell me to remove my pd base because 'non pd can't build there', User is clearly harassing with this targeted and repeated behavior.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

[Expect the video to process for awhile]

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44 minutes ago, Wretch said:


no evidence, the image is not appearing, but you did say to be patient

EDIT: -support, it just leads to 404 error


42 minutes ago, Codsta04 said:


No evidence the link leads to a 404

Video works fine, like he said \/\/\/

55 minutes ago, Haze_of_dream said:

[Expect the video to process for awhile]


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ok, i'm gonna go with a + support actually

you were told by zae to remove props when he came back from afk, so you really should have just removed the props, which you did, but that's not the point of the situation, and in chat, zae clearly put in OOC to stop demoting you, which that guy didn't do, so i'm gonna go with +support because zae said to not demote

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