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MIlk False Info


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Your in-game name: ItsPrivate


Staff members name: Milk


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? :  STEAM_0:0:227148828


Explain what happened: I was jailed for 15 minutes while killing sharks in water (At the time I didn't know was a rule). Then Milk reassured me if i do it next time only kill on land and if they are in the air and don't kill in water. As the 1st video shows. After that 15 minutes was up i came back and killed 4 more shark all in complete conduct of what he just told me (to kill them if they are on land or in the air). So i do it and he barely gets into a call with me after much arguing and then realizes i didn't rdm 4x but only killed 3 on land and 1 in the air which I thought was ok after he told me so. So I believe it was false info that he told me and i later got jailed from his own laws for it which hurts my reputation. I would either like compeantion for it or forget the jail and punish him. And PSA he started playing with them today and talked with them in the staff room about me.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)


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1 minute ago, LeGreasyBurger said:

Can someone please explain this to me. First thing i would like to know is a more simplified paragraph on what happened (i read it a few times and it is confusing to me idk maybe i'm just dumb). Secondly, where does it say in the motd that sharks are KOS on land/in the air. It would be awesome if someone who understands this situation better could explain to me. I would also like to state that i know staff have the final say but i think something as big as sharks being KOS on land/in the air would be listed in the motd as it is for the alien. I know it used to say sharks were KOS out of water but it no longer states that so i am just curious.

Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.18 -

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