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Gingie bias

teh epic frog

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Your in-game name:


Staff members name:


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:

 Don’t matter

Explain what happened:

 I have been muted for saying retardation before by @ThatOneGingie and in this picture someone clearly has the words retard spelled out so I’m telling him he bypassed it and gingie yells at me and doesn’t do his job smh

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)



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  • Co-Owner

You’ve been known to @ mention people in discord for absolutely no reason and it’s been stated before not to mention staff members when there is an issue. Just pm them and they will resolve it. This is a dumb report, however the user that said it will be punished. Locked

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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