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9/1/2020 update!


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  • Fixed keypad crackers shipments being broken
  • Fixed Gang health and armor upgrades
  • Set a model size limit to the disguise swep
  • You now right click to set the model you want to be with the disguise swep
  • When you select a model you now left click to become the selected model
  • Now when you go out of being disguised your health will now stay the same
  • You now keep velocity when turning in to and going out of being a prop
  • Eye angles are set correctly when being undisguised
  • Fixed the Wunderwaffe not hitting the player
  • Fixed the script error when joining a party
  • Fixed the script error happening with pvault
  • Fixed people having 800+ health/armor from skill points
  • You now get gang health and armor on first spawn

Thanks to @Necro for the help!


  • Still working on the update for mbrp, should be done within a week!
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