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Multiple People Mass RDM

Chubby Hoes

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Your in-game name: Chubby Hoes


Users IGN: Trump Built The Pryimads --- STEAM_0:0:39521816 & Raw Gardens STEAM_0:0:70379471



Users SteamID: STEAM_0:0:39521816 & Raw Gardens STEAM_0:0:70379471


Explain what happened:

Mass RDMs throughout the night for over 3 hours. I have the entire footage but was too lazy so only clipped a major RDM. Keep in mind this RDM kept happening for over 3 hours, this is only a snippet. I can upload the full 3 hour footage if needed by request. Both of these goons were just mass rdming everyone that was near or outside thier base. This all started when one of thier base mates named Zac starting killing people from his window for no reason. People then gathered around this particular base and cops raided it to arrest this Zac guy. Once the cops started the raid the mass RDMing began. It continued for over 3 hours of continuous mass rdming and no admins were there to attend to this situation. 


As video evidence shows, they were simply just minging and mass rdming and a lot of people got tired of them quick. The photo evidence also shows TONS of killings within minutes. At this point Trump Built The Pryimads just went off on a mass server killing spree as a SWAT and was just killing people at spawn. 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)








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