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User Report on 3 People


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Your in-game name: 0076 STEAM_0:0:62972719


Users IGN: Niga Quintanilla, Montego Quintanilla, MrMonkey(Not Staff)


Users SteamID: Niga Quintanilla STEAM_0:0:94191123 - Montego Quintanilla STEAM_0:1:86974558 - MrMonkey(Not Staff) STEAM_0:0:460282385


Explain what happened: Niga & Montego Quintanilla came and adverted "hit raid", I killed them and they immediately came back and started "change your base nigger". After this I ended up killing them one more times when they entered the back of the casino (my base which the sign says kos in back). After that they started spamming scanners and demoted me for a non-rp reason. I came back and killed them (not an rp situtation nlr doesn't apply, correct me if i'm wrong). Then on top of that while I was making this report, MrMonkey false demoted me again.



https://prnt.sc/ua3fsd - coming back right after I killed them spawning scanners

https://prnt.sc/ua3g3m - spawning scanners

https://prnt.sc/ua3gv9 - more scanners with monkey as ice

https://prnt.sc/ua3i47 - montego scanner

https://prnt.sc/ua3irg - niga scanner 

https://prnt.sc/ua3iyb - monkey scanner

https://prnt.sc/ua3kxn - demote

https://prnt.sc/ua3ugn - console showing where they adverted and died then came back and I killed them again

https://prnt.sc/ua3v0c - more console

https://prnt.sc/ua45p3 - my kos sign

https://prnt.sc/ua48sn - both of them dcing after I said i'm taking screenshots of their scanners

https://prnt.sc/ua4i0i - logs I got from ben









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